Strategic Staffing

Horizon Placements Strategic Staffing Services provide organisations with human resources for temporary, fixed term or specific contract assignments. Our process is unique in that …

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Psychometric Testing

Head Hunters Incorporated has great reputation in recruitment and selection. We employ 22 employees full time and a wide range of over 20 associate consultants including registered psychologists …

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Research & Surveys

Our Research and Survey division has statistical professionals with massive years’ experience having a vast knowledge of data collection, collating, editing, analysis, report writing and project management …

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Organisational Development

This division offers the following consultancy activities among many others:
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Head Hunters Incorporated provides a wide range of consultancy services in Human Resources and Management with the following business units:

  • Head Hunters Strategic Information Services ( Research and Surveys)
  • Head Hunters Leadership Training & Development (HLTD)
  • Head Hunters Organisational Development (HOD)
  • Head Hunters Advisory services (HAS)
  • Hutech International:- Horizon Placements and Strategic Staffing Services (HIHPS)
  • Head Hunters Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (HADRC)

Our workforce is the heartbeat and engine of the successful business.

Our main aim is:

  • Local Sourcing Data Base for our clients.
  • Recruitment and search for the best quality and competence from our international database.
  • Maintaining a close relationship with our clients to ensure your human resources needs are addressed actively.
  • Various skills development initiatives.
  • Client business relationship and service levels within the full spectrum of Human Resources service delivery.



Horizon Placement Strategic Staffing Services is a division of Hutech International South Africa and it offers recruitment services in the following functional areas:

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Organisational Development

This division offers the following consultancy activities among many others:

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Strategic Information Services

Under this division Head Hunters provide the following major services

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Advisory and Strategic Information Services

This division is responsible for publications of journals and information needed by our clients for decision making on a day to day basis. The division also engages in advisory work and consolidation of valuable information for decision making including telephone consultants and knowledge management.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

HADRC offers an Alternative way of resolving disputes between parties which is aimed at preserving long term relationships and creating a win-win outcome between the disputing parties. Our approach tends to focus on resolving disputes based on consensus and mutual consent between the parties to a dispute.

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Training & Leadership Development

This division offers training at all levels of the organization depending on the needs of the customer. The division also carries out training sessions on a proactive basis targeted at specific professions. We have a database of over 50 associate consultants in all disciplines that provide specialized training in addition to in-house resources.

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