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Talent Solution(Recruitment & Selection)

Specializing in the recruitment and placement of staff from Junior to Executive levels. Head Hunters International has a robust database of competent job seekers in all the different professions. In addition the department is experienced in undertaking the following;

 Candidate placements

 Candidate and job profiling

 Psychometric testing

 Assessment Centers

 Recruitment of both permanent and temporary staff

 Employer direct access to our database at a reduced cost

 Online CV access.

Leadership development and training

We offer a diverse range of training programs based on our clients requirements as either generic or customized interventions. Below are some of the courses we offer;

 Problem solving and decision making

 Coaching skills and mentoring

 IT skills

 Self awareness programs for leaders

 Managing change and complexity

 Finance for non finance managers

 Measuring the effectiveness of training

 Performance Management using the Balanced scorecard or RBM

 Life skills training Corporate governance

 Team effectiveness and Team building

 Customer care and exceptional selling skills

 Supervisory management

 Train the trainer

 Stress Management

 Collective Bargaining

 Project Management

 Communication and interpersonal skills

 Effective time management

 Etiquette and e-mail etiquette

 Diary Management and Minute taking

 Report writing skills

 Dynamic secretarial development program

 Presentation skills

 Interviewing skills

 Workers committee training

 Industrial relations for Managers

 Strategic human Resources Management

 Business process re-engineering

 Salary administration and salary structuring

 Communication and interpersonal skills

 Negotiating skills

 Management development program

 Coporate governance

 Competence based selection

 Strategic planning

Advisory and Strategic Information Service (Research and Surveys)

The department is experienced and distinguished in undertaking the following;

 Salary surveys

 Payroll administration

 Employee attitude surveys

 Customer satisfaction surveys

 Baseline surveys

 Organizational culture audits and climate surveys

 Product perception surveys Industry competitive analysis

 Organizational perception surveys

 Market research

 Employee engagement surveys

 Feedback surveys

Labour Broking

The labour broking model remains one of the most contemporary means by which companies all around the world deal with the provision of labour. As more non-standard employment arrangements take root in organizations, the model may be the optimal option over having a company having to deal with the employment processes itself. Contracting HHI as your labour broker takes away this burden and comes with many benefits such as follows among many other benefits;

1. Total removal of the administrative burden by handling the payroll, preparing active contracts for fixed term employees, handling disciplinary hearings, and statutory compliance issues, hence freeing the HR function to explore more important matters that can improve the profitability of the company. Transferring such burden to HHI helps companies to manage the cost of managing short term labour which a company may be requiring in larger numbers. Most of the time expenses, which a company may incur from managing short term labour may outweigh the end benefit, therefore the need to contract a labour broker.

2. HHI will take a load off your organization when it comes to recruitment and the processes associated thereof.

3. Legal protection. HHI takes the legal burden associated with an employment relationship or agreement.

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